Old Light Fixture

by Danilo Castro in Models

3D design of antique light fixture.

Developed using Blender 2.81, Substance Painter and Substance Designer.

The wood texture was all made using substance designer, it is a procedural texture.

But the content refers to the 3D Model of the Old Light, which will be delivered in the package.

Package contents that you will have access to download.

  • 3D Model of the Old Luminaire, with 2k textures divided into 6 UDIMs (Base Color, Metalic, Roughness, Normal, AO and Height). One of the images in the gallery shows the division of UDIMs.

  • 3D Model of the Luminaire in OBJ format.

  • 4k Wood Textures, Base Color, Metalic, Roughness, Normal, AO and Height.

  • FULL HD renderings, as in product preview.

  • Full scene, Blender format file, as shown in product images.

You need to use Blender 2.81 to open the project correctly.

Some link to other videos.