Old Control Panel

by Michael Brink in Models

Old control panel.

If you need a model to make your scene feel more industrial, this is it! This old looking control panel with a mint blue color brings back the good old days when technology looked like this. Not only does this model remind viewers of a simpler time, it also makes your scene that much more realistic. There are so many buttons and dials, I don't even know where to start!

I made this model after watching urban explorers explore an old abandoned power plant with many mint colored machines. It was inspiring. I am building a collection of the machines I saw there to reconstruct the power plant.

The model is fully textured with normal and displacement maps.
Surface imperfections are used where applicable.

All the text seen on this model is customisable.

The model is fully UV unwrapped with no overlapping UVs
This will be handy should the model be used in a situation where lighting needs to be baked onto the model.