Oil Pumpjack Animated 1

by db3dmodels in Models

Animated oil pumpjack model built in Blender and rendered with Cycles, with PBR materials, Game-Ready.

The model is animated in the case of the FBX and blend files, elements are rigged!

File formats:

-.blend, rendered with cycles, as seen in the images;
-.blend, rendered with cycles, animated, as seen in the images;
-.obj, with materials applied and textures;
-.dae, with materials applied and textures;
-.fbx, with material slots applied, animated;

3D Software:
This 3d model was originally created in Blender 2.79 and rendered with Cycles.

Materials and textures:

Materials and textures made in Substance Painter (PBR Workflow).
The model has materials applied in all formats, and is ready to import and render .
The model comes with multiple png image textures.

Preview scenes:
The preview images are rendered in Blender using its built-in render engine 'Cycles'.
Note that the blend files come directly with the rendering scene included and the render command will generate the exact result as seen in previews.

The models are built strictly out of quads, with low poly counts, ideal for games, but also detailed enough for high fidelity renders.

For any problems please feel free to contact me.

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