Ohki Rigged Basemesh - 14k Stylized Woman

by AfroditeOhki in Models

Basemesh for stylized characters - 14k vertices - topology made for animation.

Fully UV mapped, with different maps controlled by material zones. Basic textures included - 2048x2048 pixels, with bump and subsurface maps based on the texture maps.

Rigged in Rigify, with full face rig.


-Blender file: one object in T-pose, with shape key for A-pose, three shape keys for the body shape, and three shape keys for the face shape, rigged. Metarig included in file, for easier rig adjustments if the mesh shape is changed.
-Five 2k resolution textures (1: face, teeth, gums and inner mouth; 2: torso; 3: arms, nails and toe nails; 4: legs and scalp; 5: eyes). Four matching bump maps and four matching subsurface maps (not for the eyes).