Office Furniture Black Caster

by R55 Digital Media in Models

This is a  Blender model of a black wheeled caster. This type of caster is found on office furniture but it can be modified to also work with office chairs. 

Use this caster where you need black casters, trolley wheels, or on furniture items that need to be seen to be moved around.

The caster is easily moved within your scenes, and the wheel section can be rotated independently to the top fixing plate to ensure that this caster looks exactly like real-world casters. 

I have modeled this at real-world scale, has fixing screws and is render ready (The renders shown are done using cycles, but it will work with Eevee too.) This is a detailed model and suits renders from distance or close up.

I have a quick guide to how to use the caster, but if you have any problems please feel free to message me and I will resolve them for you.

Verts: 3426

Faces: 2956

Tris: 6834

Thanks I hope you enjoy, and Happy Blending!