Ody's Eye Creator

by Jamie Ody in Modifier Setups

This product includes a blend file with a sphere that has a geometry nodes setup and a procedural eye material on it. These nodes are highly customization and will be able to easily make professional eyes in minutes. 

This eye designer is unique as it is hollow for a more realistic pupil and allowing for accurate refraction. Although this produces a better result, this means you need to use a boolean difference modifier when using this eye on sculpts.

This eye is created to look as good as it possibly can, and for best results, use a re-topologised character.

(If using in eevee, you need to turn on screen space refraction and refraction in the render settings. You also need to enable the eevee pupil cap in the modifier settings.)

Thank you for using my eye designer

-Jamie Ody

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Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.4
License Creative Commons
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