Ocd (One Click Damage)

by vfxguide in Addons

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  • R
    about 2 months ago

    Bought the basic version and does what it supposed to do, cool!

  • Doug Turner
    2 months ago

    I love this addon, with some reservations I think may get worked out in time. It works exactly as shown, but: I'd like for the damage control to work down to barely damaged. At zero, there's still damage. The resulting meshes can be fairly dense - flat faces do get turned into single faces, but the damage can be high poly for larger applications - I made a brick arch with maybe 100 bricks, and ended up with something around 40k faces. Ok for a single object, tough for being part of a larger scene. It does not even vaguely work on large objects, even a column. It's built for stone wall blocks, pavers, bricks, nothing really bigger than a stone plinth or small fountain or a few steps. For a 10' square wall, the damage ends up being too large for realist edges. I use it frequently and recommend it, but understand it's limitations.

    • VFXGuide

      2 months ago

      Thank you for your feedback and support! I believe if you sculpted the same 100 bricks manually, you'd end up with much more polygons and spend more time. OCD has an online manual where you can find workflows for thin objects like walls (Dummy Cube). If you have any questions regarding OCD's workflow, you can always find me on the Discord server or ask your questions here.

  • Mátyás Széles
    3 months ago

    Nop sorry.
    I've tried it. But nop...
    If u would like to make a highpoly model, for a blender basic cube. Yeah sure it works well then. But still costs 20$.
    The addon doesnt rly know how to handle wireframes or UV-s or seams or normals or something more complex shapes then brick or a cube
    . Whatever. If u're a game designer, or something like where the optimized models needed. This isn't your addon.

  • Threye
    5 months ago

    Oh, my, goodness. The 2.0 update is so much more ergonomic and efficient to use! I can't wait to see if you'll work towards 3.0 😉

    Maybe we could have a way to use out own textures? As well as including other default textures perhaps?

    5 Stars.

  • Katherine
    6 months ago

    Absolutely fantastic. It works exactly as expected. Should help me make & sculpt some interesting things I hope. Very good for time saving.

  • kroggi
    6 months ago

    This is one of my most used Blender add-ons. It's a real time saver if you know how and when to use it. After reading some of the more negative reviews I felt compelled to leave a rating of my own. I see a lot of user error and people not reading the documentation. Anyway, I love it. Thanks for making it.

  • Noah
    6 months ago

    would have left a 5 star review if every video online showing the LITE version (that was free) as having automatic inside and outside texturing, only for the latest version of LITE to be a $1.50 and to have that crucial feature removed. I bought it, not worried about the $1.50, happy to support a creator and the incredible tool, based off of the expectations set by every video featuring the LITE version on YouTube, only to find out after installing and messing around that the feature was now removed. Came back to the page and saw it was not included on the description. So I guess technically not false advertisement, but I'd imagine when a lot of more recent attraction to the app is coming from people who've heard about it from YouTube videos, they'd assume the LITE version would have the features showcased. Unfortunately I have to leave a 1 star as the situation just leaves me feeling a bit bamboozled. I find this very discouraging and disappointing.

    • VFXGuide

      6 months ago

      I'm sorry for the confusion. I don't control YouTube videos about my add-ons except those on my official channel. For accurate info, the product description and online manual are the way to go – and I'm here to answer any questions before purchase. Appreciate your feedback.

  • FuzzyTues
    7 months ago

    Good addon. Works best for me on square type meshes.

  • Viktors
    7 months ago

    I have a T shaped objects, intended to be a house, but so far its just a letter T with no top nor bottom faces. applied this, it inverted some of the faces permanently, the boolean objects were often inverted too, just a mess all around. in the time it took me to clean up that T letter shape, i couldve made better damage myself

    • VFXGuide

      7 months ago

      The OCD add-on requires objects with fully connected faces for proper operation. Please consult the online manual for detailed usage instructions and to avoid potential issues.

  • Patrik
    8 months ago

    Honestly a very nice add-on works well for me. Highly Detailed, I really don't know what the 1 star people mean!

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