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Noodler is a handy plugin for all the node magicians out there, it features:

Draw Frames

Quickly draw and assign frames by pressing J

Draw Routes

Quickly draw reroutes and create links from input to outputs sockets in this mode. Select a node, then press V to enter nodal state. 


Add favorites flag with CTRL+Y, loop through your favorites with Y

Color Palette Assign

Assign colors to selected nodes easily from a palette.

Reroute Chamfer

Chamfer selected reroute(s) with CTRL+B.

Downstream/Upstream Selection
Select nodes downstream or upstream with CTRL+LEFTMOUSE or CTRL+ALT+LEFTMOUSE.

Advance Node Search

Search for nodes quickly with the advance node search, this tool is located in the N panel. 

Purge Unused

Removed unused nodes or elements, this operator is located in the editor header.

🧐 You can customize all shortcuts in the addon-preferences menu

❓ Questions? Feedback? Ask the community on BlenderArtist here.

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❤ all profits are donated to the blender development fund

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Published about 2 years ago
Blender Version 2.93
License GPL
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