Nodify - Custom Shader Nodes For Blender

by Kolupsy in Surfacing

Nodify is an add-on for Blender that provides you with custom nodes for a faster and improved shading workflow. The plugin integrates nicely into the Blender interface, meaning that upon installing the add-on, all included nodes can be found in the "Add Node" submenus:

  • Shader Animation: Add Node > Input > Animation
  • Mixer: Add Node > Converter > Mixer
  • Emission Blend: Add Node > Shader > Emission Blend
  • Text: Add Node > Input > Text

Shader Animation:

This node will provide all the functionality you might need to breathe life into your materials. Animate shader properties with the equivalent of the #frame driver with many modifiers like frame rate independency, stepped interpolation, range controls or even curve controls for fine-tuning your animation.


The Mixer node lets you combine an infinite amount of color and shader inputs with one single slider. Just add, remove an input or toggle modes with the help of a simple-to-use interface.

Emission Blend:

Emission Blend is a shader that combines Emission and Transparency information into one node. Made especially for effects shaders in Eevee, this node lets you switch material properties right from inside the node editor, always giving you the option to manage blend and shadow modes for each material. 

Text Node:

Blenders first shader-based text generation tool lets you incorporate numbers, words and sentences into your material, avoiding having to export a texture from an external image editing program or having to stick a text object onto another surface. The text outputs can be used for example as height maps, giving the impression of carved-in letters, or to simply procedurally create a journal entry on a piece of paper. The add-on supports four default fonts with Roman letters, numbers and various symbols. Additional font sheets can be created with an external file, allowing you to store whatever symbols on a texture.

Update 1.0.1:

  • Minor Bug fixes
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Published over 2 years ago
Blender Version 2.93
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License GPL
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