Node Expressions

by Balding Wizard in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • CloudMixer 9 months ago

    Has saved me hours and hours of time.
    Absolutely excellent.

  • Lincoln Ward 9 months ago

    Makes working with procedural textures worlds easier. Wonderful addon!

  • Wen over 1 year ago

    I chanced upon the Node Expressions addon when I was trying to replicate a Mandlebulb tutorial. This addon takes the messy, manual and error-prone math nodes creation to recreate the Mandlebulb formula. The addon parsed lines of formulas into a node group that is clean and optimized.

    I am sure there are plenty other creative use for this addon.
    Balding Wizard (Rich Sedman) is also helpful and encouraging when I PM-ed him for feedbacks and questions. The tutorial materials on the blog is also well articulated.

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