Nintendo 64 - Eevee 2.80

by ddesign in Models

N64 console with controller, cartridge, cables and power supply. Detailed modeling with photorealistic materials and render setup in Eevee

Eevee + Photorealism

Eevee is amazing, but it can struggle with photorealistic materials… Unless you exploit its node system to recreate more natural reflections and light behaviour

The plastic materials use procedural data (both vectors and textures) with the addition of "decal" textures for text and logos, the metal ones use a simplified version of my Cycles' setup for physically-correct conductive materials

Clean topology

Geometry is all quads, including cylinder caps, with clean subdivisions and face distribution. That allows for lower subdivision level and for use in low-poly environments such as game engines. Contiguous meshes use bevel weight and quad-subdivisions with no poles or triangles, bottom and side vents are separated to keep polycount low (at base subdivision level)

Modeling and texturing has been done using real-world references 

Detailed in every part

All of the elements -no matter how small- have been modeled, down to screws, vents and plugs. Including power supply, component cable, cartridge and controller in all of its parts (aside from bottom screws of the latter, I have to be honest). Some of the elements are separate meshes, parented to the main object or to empties, organized in logic collections. Text and engravings use separate texture decals to keep things cleaner

Organized and easy to read

Each mesh has a relevant English name, all organized in collections with empties to move the whole object group (for example to move the controller with all of its buttons etc). To make things even more comfortable, I have added "courtesy empties" to mark useful and most used positions, such as the join points of the controller's plug and its outlet on the main console 

Textures are procedural, or editing of photos from a real unit or original vector images

Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.8
Render Engine Used Eevee
License Royalty Free
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