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Egypt theme

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What is NBG?

The Next Building Generator addon provides HIGH-QUALITY, OPTIMIZED, and PROCEDURAL assets. This addon is divided into parts, each part covers the assets for a certain theme.


Procedural assets

Is one of the most powerful tools that Next Building Generator provides. Here you can find High quality and very optimized assets that can improve your scene so far.

This tool provides 7 High-Quality Procedural assets:

  1. Pyramid: The asset is using 3 LOD levels of bricks that depend on how far the camera object is from the pyramid.

  2. Temple: The system of the subdivision depends on 3 levels of distances from the camera object that you can control the subdivision level through.

  3. Column: This asset is made of instanced columns on edges that you can create/duplicate.

  4. Wall: This asset is made of base mesh edges as a profile that you can edit for the wall. This tool has 3 unique types of profiles for the walls.

  5. Palm: This asset is made of a base curve that you can draw/edit. The asset is using an instancing system that depends on how the tree length to determine the size of the leaves.

  6. Obelisk: This asset is made of a base mesh edge that controls the Obelisk Radius.

  7. Rock: This asset is fully procedural and automatically reads hard edges. You can also tweak both materials and the main shape of the rock. 



Is providing  high quality Sculptures and  optimized assets with LOD system for heavy scenes, and you can generate  golden sculptures .

Basic assets

Is providing high quality and  optimized assets  for heavy scenes, these assets improves your scenes by far.


Sculptures are created with 3 level of details High , mid and low poly models for each sculpture, as we seeking for better , the temple and pyramid are using camera culling for better result without loading on your scene.



This tool gives you the ability to make the make the asset looks more realistic and older by adding damage to it ( you can use your own asset).


This collection of materials is high quality and provides many of procedural and PBR materials that you might need in your Egyptian scene .

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