New Year Party Glasses Low Poly Models

by Bill Nguyen's shop in Models

Originally a 2020 New Year party glasses product, I decided to make it a traditional to add in a new model for every new year, perhaps with some improvements throughout as well. So happy 2021!

If for some reason you also want a 2020 glasses, this product has both!

Low-poly models and also subdivision-ready, suitable for both game asset and high-detailed rendering. All parts are UV-unwrapped, and all materials come with PBR texture, easy to use in any render engine.


  • Blender file, native format ready to render with Blender Eevee or Cycles.
  • Blender node set up for easy Colors modification. 
  • OBJ and MTL
  • FBX
  • PBR texture maps for each material. Color, Metallic, Roughness, Specular and Normal maps