Multibrush: Multiple Layer Paint Tool

by francoberto in Models

MultiBrush: Multiple Layer Paint Tool

MultiBrush plugin lets Blender's users paint over several textures at once, using different texture brushes for each texture slot. The primary benefit from this is the ability to paint a stroke of a diffuse color along with a heightmap, to create procedural, organic, fractal details on materials that go hand on hand with each other.


The latest advances on CGI techology have created the need to augment our scene's level of detail, which has also increased the time needed for each project. This is specially true for the Real-Time Rendering projects such as videogames. Whereas before shading effects could pass with only a diffuse and normal maps, now they can be augmented with much more details: Ambient_Occlusion, Roughness, Specular, Subsurface Scattering maps are the basics now; there are projects that also include real time mesh modifiers with heightmaps, and others that are staring to harness the power of the parallax materials.


This addon was created with the purpose of painting all texture layers on a material with just the stroke of the mouse over the mesh, painting with a different brush texture over each layer.

With MultiBrush we can create materials with the ease in which nature creates procedural patterns, fractal details and other random details, incorporating them to enhance our graphic development environment.

Thanks to this new addition for Blender, the times in texturization have diminished even more, and we can create images for complex materials with just a few clics. Now we can paint the effect images that make up our materials and shaders simultaneously in an efficient, speedy and natural way, and whats best, all of these details match each other elegantly natural.