Mr Mannequins Tools

by Jim Kroovy in Models

This is a donation based project, you can donate what you can afford or get this for free on Gumroad!

Buying here donates 10% to the Blender Development Fund though!

I'm new to Blender Market and a massive update to Mr Mannequins Tools is just around the corner so things might not be so pretty just yet, but if you have any issues i'm sure you can get hold of me one way or another!

See the documentation for further informaton!

Release videos in the Mr Mannequin Tools playlists on my YouTube channel: (subscribe to catch my Blender to UE4 streams!)

You can find further documentation on the UE4 forum post: (where else would i post this?)

Here's the Github repository: (Thanks for all the help Doug!)

Please consider supporting my work on Patreon: (exclusive content coming soon!)

Join the Discord community: (did you make something with Mr Mannequin? got any suggestions?)

Follow and get hold of me here: (if you feel like it!)