MP5 A1 - Game Ready - Low Poly

by Insya in Models

MP5 SMG designed for game engines and works of art.

Insya proudly provides you with this great work of 3D art that was handcrafted by our expert artists.

We bring you this masterpiece is  3 different texture options: Original Black, Military Camouflage, Rustic Gold

Accessories included:





Download includes .fbx, .obj and .blend file. 

Textures: 2K PBR, bundled with additional textures for Unity and Unreal Engine.

Low Poly: The gun is in the range of 10-15K vertices depending on the model (MP5 A1 / A2 / A3 / A4 / A5)

This asset contains the following files:

1. mp5.blend
2. mp5.obj
3. mp5.fbx
4. mp5.mtl
5. scene.fbx (this contains the model for the scene as rendered in the display pictures)

6. Texture folder. The texture folder contains sub folders as follows:
     - Main (This is the textures for the main gun)
     - Box (This is the texture for the box used in the display picture)

     - Accessories (The is the texture for the accessories of the gun)

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