Mosin Nagant

by Blackhart Films' Marketplace in Models

Enter the battlefields of WWII!

One of the most iconic weapons of the turn-of-the-century, the Mosin Nagant saw use throughout WWI and WWII. A staple of Russian military history, the Mosin Nagant is as much a symbol of Russia as the AK-47. For any contemporary piece, this rifle should not be forgotten. Remnants

Game Dev Ready!

As an indie game dev myself, this rifle model is designed with real-time restrictions in mind. At less than 2.4k polys, this rifle makes the most of texture detail to work as both a first and third person object. Two texture sets are included, the default PBR maps for use in Blender or UE4, and PBR maps made for use in Unity 5's Standard Shader. Made using Substance Painter.