Monster Bug - 3d Model | Rigged

by Pawitra Studio in Models

How To Use The Model :

  1. Extract the "" to the file location you want
  2. Open "char_bug.blend"
  3. Turn off  "Only Render" on Properties Panel ( N ) under Display tab
  4. Rig Layer on layer eleven
  5. Lights Setup on layer two
  6. Turntable animation controller on layer three
  7. If you want to reset the rig, simply select the rig, go to Pose Mode ( Ctrl+Tab ), press Alt+G, Alt+R, Alt+S to reset all transformation data
  8. If you have problem with missing textures, go to File/External Data/Find Missing Files and choose textures directory from the extract folder
  9. You can see wireframe render on separate blend files, please note that this blend file just for presentation, not for the actual model with rig that ready for animation.
  10. Folder structure is pretty straight forward.

If you have any technical issues with the model please send us message to [email protected]