Modular Pipes

by AdrianKulawik in Models

Modular Pipes + Imperfections Maps 4K for Free ;)

Imperfections Maps 4K:

8 High-Quality PBR Maps Seamless in 4K.

All elements are prepared for games.

Textures in 4K.

PBR Materials.

Metal, Glass Materials all in PBR.

Clear and easy to use:

-all elements have UV.

-it is very easy to import a model into eg Unreal.

-there are no confusions, for example, 25 maps for one model, flying 0 points or non-planar elements here is all readable:(All Points Welded, Surface Named, Parts Names, no 0 Points floating)

-it is very easy to build a whole network of pipes from these models.

Textures Modular Pipes:

Modular Pipes AO (4096x4096)

Modular Pipes Albedo (4096x4096)

Modular Pipes Diffuse (4096x4096)

Modular Pipes Opacity for Glass (4096x4096)

Modular Pipes Normal Map + Hard Surface (4096x4096)

Modular Pipes Roughness (4096x4096)

Modular Pipes Specular&Reflections (4096x4096)

Modular Pipes Metallic (4096x4096)

Best Regards.