Modern Living Room And Kitchen

by Sáros Levente in Models

Interior scene, which is't just furnitures in a room, but a person's home who has style and personality.

What you can see in this small apartment:

  • a comfortable couch with cushions
  • a modern and stylish kitchen
  • a huge wardrobe with a television
  • lot of plants
  • objects and smaller furnitures to make it feel like a real home

All textures are saved in the blend file, you don't have to link them manually. Easy to use, you can change a couple of colours and items, and get a complitly new scene. It gives you a nice view from most of the angels, because i did not focus on the final renders, but to make a nice room, and I added cameras as the last step. Lights are solved with an HDR, works just like in real life.

I'm sure it could save you a lot of time.