Modern Kitchen Scene

by Cameron Schmaltz in Models

Modern Kitchen Scene that was created using Blender. This scene includes models of kitchen furniture that you could find in a kitchen. It includes an island with built in sink and stove top, chairs, fridge, two ovens and a prepping area. The included blend file comes as a scene but you can take parts of it and append them to other projects.

All models were made using the metalness workflow and use PBR textures in PNG format. The blend file includes camera and lighting setups to allow you to render as soon as you open the file. Extra lighting is provided by an HDRi downloaded from HDRi Haven and is included. Each image was rendered using the cycles engine in Blender 2.82 and uses the denoising node in the compositor.

All models have been manually uv unwrapped to match their PBR textures. Everything you see in the scene has their own set of textures. If you were interested in editing any of the textures, a UVLayout texture has been included to help make it easier. Just import the texture to any photo editing software and make a separate layer for it.