Modern Faucet

by Alex Saplacan in Models

Thankyou for your interest in purchasing the model

To import the faucet in your scene, just hit append / Link and navigate to the .blend file → Groups and select the "Coliseum_Swivel_Spout" Group.

The group consist of 3 ellements:

    If you want to Transfom the faucet ( scale/rotate/move) do I t just with the master empty selected. The model comes with a rigged handle , move the WGT_Handle object to turn it up , left or right. To optimize the scene and have better render time you can: •Delete the Coliseum_S_S_Net object if is not viewed from your shot •If is not a closeup you can get rid of the scratches from the material muting the Scratches node group


For any questions please contact me on BlenderMarket or send me an email at [email protected]

Best regards, Alex Saplacan

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