Modeling A Sci-Fi Icosphere In Blender

by Creative Shrimp in Training

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  • Norman Blue about 1 month ago

    Great resource for learning HardOps and it´s giant potential. The Tutorial is effective and everything is explained with a likeable Voice. This makes learning a joy.

  • Team Csharp 2 months ago

    A masterclass. Rachel continues to show her artistic flex and doesn't miss a step.

  • Chris 3 months ago

    Very well put together project. It was not marketed as a tutorial, but I learned a lot more from you than I have from many products sold as Tutorials.

  • Antonio Sartini 3 months ago

    Thank you for let me know hardops, bought months ago but always too scared to learn how to use it! Hope to see more videos like this!

  • Gav 3 months ago

    Amazing tutorial, easy-to-follow instruction, and a really neat model. I look forward to your next few tutorials.

  • Oliver Post 3 months ago

    Definitely shows how powerful HardOps can be in the right hands! Nice and straight-to-the-point video series about creating this beautiful model. Also showcases some nifty use of procedural materials

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