Model Finalizer

by Kafuji in Scripts and Addons

Version 0.9.2


"Model Finalizer" is a compilation of tools that helps to make ‘Ready-To-Export’ model data.

 The main goal of this Add-on is to avoid tons of micro-managements that happens at end of 3D character-creation workflow. Applying Modifiers, make Shape Keys, fixing weight problems, etc, on a lot of objects.

 With this Add-on, there’s no problem about how much objects you have on a model. You can accomplish those tasks just in a few clicks.


  • Create Shape Keys from Pose Library
  • Apply Modifiers on multiple objects at once.
  • Apply Modifiers while preserving Shape Keys.
  • Much Smarter Weight Transfer Tool
  • Much smarter “Make Rest Pose”
  • Sort Faces to sanitize transparency artifacts


For more details, please take a look.


2020/08/08 v0.9.2

- Added 'Only Selected Vertices' option for Weight Transfer Operator

- Added 'Remove current Vertex Groups' option for Weight Transfer Operator

- Fixed vertex selection issues in Clean Vertex Group Operator

- Several bug fixes