MK2 Grenade

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3D MK2 Grenade

  Featuring clean, low-poly, geometry, this model is easy to rig and animate!  The quality 2k (2048x2048) textures included are great for games and animations.  Low-poly geometry and medium resolution textures make this model great for fast render times and using on low performance PCs. Looks great hanging for your character's belt, exploding in mid-air, or sitting in the background of your gun renders.


Texture resolution: 2048x2048 (6) Textures included: Combined, Diffuse, Ambient Occlusion, Specular, Roughness, and Normal  Vertices: 3,668 Tris: 7,110 Faces: 3,564


Verts: 3,668  Tris: 7,110  Faces: 3,564
  Material uses specular and bump maps for accurate realistic results. There 4 textures used on this model.  These textures are: grenade_combined.png, grenade_spec.png, grenade_roughness.png, and grenade_normal.png
  How to use your new model in your scene:
  1. Open the .blend file of your scene
  2. press Shift+f1 or File>Append
  3. find this .blend and select (.blend may have to be exported out of .zip file first)
  4. go into Object
  5. select mk2grenade_bm
  6. Click "Append from Library"

There is only one object in this scene, grenade is solid object but can be separated easily in edit mode. This object features clean geometry, making it easy to modify and cleanly subdivide.

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