Mix Damage - 24 Procedural Destructions, Materials

by fffaaa12 in Addons

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  • Marko
    about 1 month ago

    Wow!!! "Real" Hyper Realistic Damages!!! :)

    This Addon is really Insane; The Degree of Details you can achieve with the Generated Damages is unmatched (just look at the Product Page).. like in the "Real World", you've got Cracks and Fractures within Cracks, and so on; and You've got Different Layers wich are differently affected by the Damge & Weathering!!!

    And the Greatest Part is, that you Can Litterally Mix Damages Together, to get that Final missing Touch of Realistic Damages!!!

    And as a Bonus, You get the 16 Procedural Materials; that you can use as Assets via the Asset Browser!!!

    I personally also used the other Popular Damage Generators on BlenderMarket; and they are good in a general Sense; and that's OK and Fine; but they still miss that Extra Degree of Realism in the Generated Damage it self, on the Micro-Scale...

    So Now with the "Mix Damage" Addon, You Get Great Macro- and Micro-Scale Damages!!!

    And Depending of the Power of Your Machine and The Details You want to Achieve for Your Production; You can Crank up the Level of Details / Quality; for Super Extreme Realistic Results..

    But even, on my Little Laptop with a 3050Ti, it works perfectlly fine; once you've found the Right Settings, to get the Best Results!!!

    The Use of the User Interface, is very Intuitive and Simple; and after some Tweeking, you get relly Quickly the Hang of it; and You can Start Having Fun, Damaging Your Once Smooth Clean Models!!! ;)

    And by the the Way; I had a Question and the Creator Andrey, was really Quick to Reply and very Helpful!!!

    So Thanks Andrey for This Great Addon!!! ;)

  • Brendan Henry
    about 2 months ago

    Some documentation would be valuable, as there's no real explanation provided for how the features work (sphere means... you add a sphere? or it just forms a spherical hole somewhere? etc).
    It seems powerful, but there are definitely some quirks that need to be either explained or refined.

  • Ian Cruickshank
    about 2 months ago

    Frustrating that this is even on here. Simply put, the addon does not work and was a waste of money. It doesn't matter what level of detail I set it to, it will not function properly. It won't let me edit the settings on the fly when I activate the addon, it won't use the mix option, I can pick a different object to try the addon with but when I change which type of damage is used (in both areas) and hit the add button it doesn't actually use the new damage, it's hit or miss on whether or not the effect gets applied to the whole object (sometimes left with nasty shading in areas), sometimes my objects disappear when hitting the add button. The only positive thing I can say is that at least the settings show up on the modifier tab and I can edit the settings there. Even that is a pain because if I want to change damage types I have to go back to the addon that doesn't work, click on the picture to look for which damage type I want, and count out the pictures to figure out what number to put in where it's looking for a texture number.

  • manuel
    2 months ago

    I nearly gave this plugin a one-star rating since it often crashes my computer. nevertheless after reading your response to other remarks that lower the value of quality. It functions well now, and I'm satisfied.

  • RBG
    2 months ago

    Too heavy for my computer (RTX 3060). Unless a serious performance improvment, it is not useless for me

    • Andrey Repnikov

      2 months ago

      You can choose the quality and then it works fast.

  • Christer Andersén
    3 months ago

    Swallows computer resources like a T-Rex. It needs some serious remaking.

    • Andrey Repnikov

      2 months ago

      You can choose the minimum quality. Then everything will work out quickly. If you don't have enough resources, just set the quality value to 60 and everything works. Even my old laptop works with such quality

  • Julia Alder
    3 months ago

    It doesn't work for me.

  • Zentapir
    3 months ago

    A lot of options. Holes and cracks and different internal damage makes even a cube look good :-)

  • Florian
    3 months ago

    The intuitive user interface makes it easy to customize the intensity and type of damage, allowing for a high degree of control and creativity. Sometimes it's a bit slow to calculate but that's ok.

    Moreover, the add-on is highly versatile. It works with both organic and hard-surface models, and its non-destructive workflow means you can tweak and adjust the damage effects at any time without compromising your original model.

    For internal damage, the best workflow seems to be that the object is in the center of the scene. Sphere and crack can not be used at the same time, even though both can be activated at the same time. An option would be nice to add several cracks to an object or change its type, how it is generated. When choosing more then one sphere sometimes the object just disappears.

    It takes some time to get a feeling for how it works and how to create a certain look.

    Would be nice to have an option to select just an edge and apply the damage only to certain areas of an model. Sometimes I dont want to damage my whole model

  • lippold
    3 months ago

    This addon is amazing, there are plenty of options to add damage, dirt etc. to your objects, and it's just easy to use. The pro version adds internal damage, which is really cool as well. A must-have for every blender enthusiast!

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