Misc Menu - Pop-Up Collection & Modifier

by Bookyakuno in Scripts and Addons

Display Collections and Modifiers in a pop-up menu

Reduce the effort of accessing the property editor.

Simple collection management

You can easily operate the collection.

  • Rename
  • Set active collection
  • Move selected objects to collection
  • Select objects in collection
  • Delete collection
  • Selectable / unselectable
  • Viewport hidden setting
  • Render availability switching

Miscellaneous functions

  • Smooth flat
  • Auto smooth
  • Display on top
  • Viewport display · Render · Selectable
  • Wireframe
  • Lens value of the active camera in the scene

Compacted Modifier

Menus for other modifiers appear the same as menus in the property editor.

  • Mirror
  • Subdivision surface
  • Solidify
  • Array
  • Bevel
  • Armature

Other functions

  • Fully open / close the Modifier panel