Milk Can

by ejones_3d in Models

Milk Can

  • Polygons 2,920
  • Vertices 2,948

This milk can has two material/texture sets to choose from (New and Old). Great for any farm or country house environment. It was created with a clean 100% quad geometry. It is sub-division ready but (as you can see in the preview images) probably unnecessary. Textures are 2048 x 2048 Resolution. UVs are been unwrapped and non-overlapping. All parts and materials are logically named. The handle is parented and grouped with the main milk can body.  Its origin is set for easy pivoting around the top. Preview images were rendered with no subdivision, except for the one labeled with a level 2 subdivision (for your reference). Preview images were rendered in Blender 2.79 Cycles Renderer.

A native file format is Blender 2.79 (.blend)


35.6 cm diameter

54.0 cm height

Textures included:

- New

  - MilkCan_New_Color.png

  - MilkCan_New_Height.png

  - MilkCan_New_Metallic.png

  - MilkCan_New_Normal.png

  - MilkCan_New_Roughness.png

- Old

  - MilkCan_Old_Color.png

  - MilkCan_Old_Height.png

  - MilkCan_Old_Metallic.png

  - MilkCan_Old_Normal.png

  - MilkCan_Old_Roughness.png