Metal Pbr Texture

by CGHawk in Surfacing

Metal PBR Texture

Introducing the Metal PBR Texture by CGHawk – the ultimate solution for your metal texturing needs. Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, this 4K texture boasts a stunningly realistic appearance, complete with scratches and metallic surface details that add an extra layer of depth and character to your designs.

But that's not all – with a wide range of file formats included in the download, including .fbx, .obj, .dae, .glb, .stl, .abc, .ply, .x3d, and even a Blender file, you can rest assured that this texture is compatible with your preferred software, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.

What's more, the Metal PBR Texture comes with a range of renders, showcasing the texture in action and providing inspiration for your own projects. Simply import the .fbx file and apply the material to your object to bring your designs to life.

So why settle for mediocre metal texturing when you can elevate your creations with the Metal PBR Texture by CGHawk? Upgrade your design game today and take the first step towards creating stunning, lifelike designs that stand out from the crowd.

Metal PBR Texture by CGHawk