Medle - Antique And Oxidize

by CDL Creative in Surfacing

What is Medle?

This is a stylized shader node, with presets that can create nearly any kind of metal, antiquing, and oxidation. The node comes with presets for materials like copper, iron, aluminum, and more. It ships with a standard material with loads of configurable settings, and a simplified material for those looking to get started quickly. Included are also sample CC0 textures for oxidation, water leaks, metal wear, and imperfections.

Medle was used to create Nature's Rebirth or Death to the Giants of Industry, as featured on BlenderNation!

Choose from standard or simplified material node groups.

Medle includes several premade metal material node groups.

The values included in these node groups were taken from real world data! These groups use the simplified material, but if you want to use the standard and have finer control, included are presets with proper output for each metal type that you can feed into Medle Standard, or your own bsdf:

Medle will allow you to hand paint where you want to age your metal. This is an additive subtractive effect. Black color will erase aging, where white will add to the age of your material. You can use any color input for the age mask, included is a simple vertex color setup, and a paint layer strength modifier group for fine tuning of your age mask.

Medle ships with several ready to use materials!

Medle was designed to work with cycles, and is proven to work with the experimental cycles-x build of blender 3.0 for faster render times.

It does not currently work well with eevee, however that could change in the future.

Your purchase of this collection will grant you free updates, as Medle with grow with each new release of Blender, and as new features are planned for Medle.

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Published almost 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.92, 2.93
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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