Medieval World Details - Pack #2 - Doors & Windows Details

by bigmouse in Models

This package consists of 5 different sets of Medieval style doors and windows metal details, such as hinges, knobs, locks, handles, Metal strips etc.

LP pack contains 5 High resolution 2K Textures sets for real-time-render and games purposes.

 Including: Color/Diffuse/Albedo Maps which include also Alpha (Transparency) channel, Normal maps, Ambient occlusion maps and specular maps.

HP pack contains Cycles-ready High Poly models of all items in the LP pack.

A set of textures of Medieval style doors and windows metal parts. Hinges, knobs, nail-heads, Locks, handles and bolts.

High resolution textures sets, consist of Color maps, Normal Maps, Ambient occlusion maps and Specular maps. 

Fully textured High Poly models set is included

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