Medieval Weaponry Pack

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Medieval Weaponry Pack


The medieval weaponry pack is a resource tailored for artists and developers a like. Using a PBR node based system within Blender, these items will display in the Cycles engine. For developers the combination of 2K / 4K resolution textures and 3 tier level of detail system contained in this pack will enable use within a game engine or a gaming environment.


This product is designed to save time whilst also giving the end use a refined, usable item within not only Blender Cycles engine, but other engines too.


Key Features

4 Types of Weapon

High Poly / Low Poly - CG/Game ready assets

2K / 4K Resolution Textures (Diffuse, Height, Metallic, Normal, Roughness)

3 tier level of detail scaling


Further Information

For more information on products you can visit :-

Free viewing of the models can be found here :-


Ver 1.0


Ver 1.1

- Minor bug fixes

- Optimisation fixes

Ver 1.2

-  Scenes compiled to one layer