Medieval Household Pbr Assets

by ArtBeat Virtual Reality in Models

This packge is intended to help you as a content creator by using assets like these to quickly populate 3D game levels or environments with believable assets. Specifically, this file focusses on a Historic / Medieval theme.

The models were made to demonstrate realtime lighting, posing and composition setups in Unity3D's standard PBR editor (above). The models are not lo-poly, rather mid-poly. 

Above is the total Blender scene which is part of this package. It includes 22 unique meshes, multiplied by texture variations per mesh. Note: although the character is included, it's not rigged or detailed.

Scale: Real world, Metric

File format: Blender 2.83 / Cycles - including PBR setup materials

UVW Texture coordinates: UVW Unwrapped, Mixed