Medieval Buildings Group A

by Castle Builder 3d in Models

A  group of 5 medium poly medieval-style stone buildings. 

  • Bell Tower: 14k faces
  • Step Gabled Mansion: 23k faces
  • Bridge: 49k faces
  • 4 spire tower: 10k faces
  • Arcaded tower: 20k faces

All materials are 4k derived from substance source, so no copyright issues. There may be a 2k material in there, something that didn't need to be 4k. Most of the materials have a position-based bottom grunge node setup, which is fully adjustable (not UV map based). I designed these, and my other buildings to be used for big cityscapes, but the detail is good enough for close up. I just didn't go nuts modeling individual bricks, as my goal with them is to create big city scenes with a lot of buildings. The HDR sky is from HDRI Haven, and isn't included. Get it here:

Real world scaled, and doors, windows, blocks etc are all correctly sized. I'm really fussy about that sort of thing.