Mechanical Creature Kit

by Polyfjord in Models

The ultimate asset pack for making mechanical creatures

Make photorealistic mechanical creatures come to life in Blender!

  • 250+ detailed parts
  • 8 animated rigs
  • Multiple customisable parts
  • Photorealistic metal materials
  • Free future updates

Combine realistic 3D models with animated rigs to make tiny creatures with a mechanical theme!

Spend less time modeling generic parts, and more time exploring your own creature ideas!

Meet Halldis, the steampunk crab!

✅ Optimised for macro cinematography

Crisp close-ups are easier than ever before!

All parts are modelled to scale, so you can get into that smooth kitbash flow without having to look up the correct size for each part.

All models can be subdivided to look ultra smooth in close-ups! 

💾 Built for the Asset Browser

Drag-and-drop any part straight in to your scene!

All objects are properly named so it's easy to find what you're looking for.

💫 Animated armature with personalities

Choose between 8 animated creature rigs!

They all have beautiful and memorable Norwegian names, don't you think?

UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ. Use one of the animated rigs to make your ideas come to life.

All creatures are rigged using inverse kinematics and has color-coded IK controllers. Each rig comes with named bones and 250+ frames of animation. The majority of the body movement comes from procedural F-curve modifiers, so it's easy to tweak the animation for your needs.

✨ Realistic metal materials

Ready-to-render in both Eevee and Cycles!

Choose between rough or scratched metals, with 7 color variations. All materials use box projection, so they will work on any model without need for UV unwrapping!

The materials come with an easy shader controller. With these three sliders, you'll be surprised by how much variation you can create!

🧡 Made with Blender, for Blender

Taking advantage of Blender's powerful modifiers, making non-destructive tweaks super easy.

Most models come with modifiers that allows various types of non-destructive tweaks. Notice how the box projected material holds up even while editing the mesh!

Chains for days! A great way to add sturdiness to a flimsy creature.

Some of the customisable objects use Geometry Node setups to allow you to change the shape of the object completely. These values can also be animated!

The non-destructive gear generator uses Geometry Nodes, and it's perfect for quickly adding gear variations to your design.

The rigged watch strap follows a curve without deforming! Recognisable objects like this can be very useful for setting the scale of the scene.

The twisting curve uses Geometry Nodes to add smooth rotation, and can have different material on each string.

🔩 Try the free version

It includes 7 models, two materials and one animated rig to get you started!

Looking forward to see what you will create!

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Sales 800+
Customer Ratings 4
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Dev Fund Contributor
Published 5 days ago
Blender Version 3.3
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
Misc Data rigged, animated, low-high-resolution, textured
License Royalty Free
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