Mb Unimog U423 Rigged (Updated)

by MassunPatricio in Models

Mercedes Benz Unimog U423

Why I made this model?

When Mercedes launched the Unimog it was love at first sight. It was at that moment that I knew that I wanted to model it with total precision, which was not an easy task. The model in question took more than two years to complete, trying to faithfully represent each of its many details.
Not only will you buy a unique model, but you will also buy an item made with the greatest passion and dedication.

What do YOU get?

You will buy 4 blender files.

- cycles: Unimog without rigged, very easy to import to your escenes.
- rigged: unimog rigged for use with cycles render. Wheels with sterring wheels turn automatical (w/ follow path), fully suspensiĆ³n work, cargo platform w/ neumatic piston, lights and lights strobes. 

- rigged 28: Fully functional EEVEE and CYCLES scene with the rigged Unimog. - and you will get an .dae and .obj model. 

Highly detailed model. Mechanical parts and interior with great details (Great looks from the outside).

without subdividing mesh : 1,027,086 faces
sudivision Level 2 : 5,798,894 faces

Materials: 52 materials  PBR (for cycles) - Principled BSDF used -
Textures: 28 textues HD (for diffuse, normalmap, roughness and mix shaders)
Positioned: 0,0,0
Scale: real (meter)
Rigged with automatic inercia, follow track and addaptation to the surface. The model came also not rigged for easy import to your estatic scene