Marie: A Rigged Character.

by SneakZArts in Models

This is Marie.  She isn't exactly photo real, but I would say she is still pretty high quality.  She is rigged with rigify and has a moderate amount of shape keys made for facial animation as well as the pitchipoy face rig controls.  Her hair is made from poly strips/hair cards.  You can see one of the images for poly counts.  Her textures are 4k except for a few small things like the eyes.  The materials are made for Cycles and with a metal, roughness workflow.

This is bound to the armature mostly with the mesh deformer so you probably wouldn't be able to convert this to other programs or formats easily.  I have however included an older version of the head and body that do have weights painted into poly groups for armature deformation.

*If the above gif doesn't look right, try clicking on it to see it in fullscreen.  No mater how I save this gif it doesn't seem to want to play right on this site.

What you get:

-Rigged character model including a choice of outfits (see the images and below description).
-Walk cycle animation file that was used to create the above GIF.
-Pose file that contains poses used in the above renders.
-Older version of head and body with deform weights painted into poly groups.
-Basic instructions

What you get in Outfit Sets A:

-T-shirt, shorts, flip flops, and underwear

What you get in Outfit Sets B:

-Cowl Shirt, pants, sandals, and bikini.

What you get in Outfit Sets All:

-All of the current outfits.