Make An Iphone 14 Pro Max In A Non-Destructive Way

by Pitiwazou in Models

In 7 hours of tutorial series (In English), you will learn how to make a fully Non-Destructive Asset with Blender!

In this tutorial, I will teach you my workflow to make an iPhone 14 Pro Max in a Non-Destructive way.
This workflow allows you to edit everything on the go and make different asset variants.

Non-Destructive workflow is compelling! In the videos, you will learn tips and tricks to make this Iphone and all the assets you will create later.


This tutorial is made for Intermediates users, I will show you my workflow with modifiers and explain everything to you with examples.


Non-Destructive workflow, using the power of blender with his Modifiers.
You will be able to edit absolutely everything! Change all the parameters and make variants of your assets.


you will also learn how to make this render using Cycles. I added the textures the download area.
I will show you how to texture this kind of assets without using any UV's !


1 - Create the project folders

2 - Setting up the scene

3 - Adding the references

4 - A to I - Modeling

5 - A to H - Rendering


I will ask you to activate some Addons, included inside Blender like the copy attribute addon and node Wrangler.
I use my Wazou's Pie Menus addon, available for free on my Gumroad.

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