Mad Hare Rigged

by evilvoland in Models

The archive file is packed Mad_Hare_Rig.blend + textures: Diffuse \ Roughness \ Specular \ Normal (2048 * 2048) + simple hdri + BlenRig addon.


Mad Hare Guideline

When you open the project, you will see the Mad Hare in walk pose.
If press Alt+A - you will see of walk cycle animation.

If you want see the rig controls - in N-panel disable 'Render Only' option.

Layer organisation:
- Layer 1: Mad Hare mesh
- Layer 2: BlenRig proxy model
- Layer 5: Studio with lights and camera
- Layer 10: BlenRig armature layers
- Layer 11: BlenRig mdef cage
- Layer 12: BlenRig lattice objects
- Layer 19: Custom shapes for armature (may be deleted)
Model of Mad Hare has one pbr material with four png textures (2048*2048):
- Diffuse
- Normal
- Specular
- Roughness

For background used simple studio with AO shader and hdri map.

Make sure, you installed BlenRig addon.

In T-panel (if you installed BlenRig addon) you will see BlenRig 5 Controls:
- Armature Layers - you can enable only face layers or body if you want
- BlenRig body picker - take the needed bone with 'Render Only' display
- BlenRig Face picker - same

In Properties panel (with picked armature) in Pose Library has 7 poses for face expression and T-Pose for all.
Face Pickers:
- nose frown ctrl - scale for the frowning
- mouth corners - scale for the cheek inflating
- cheeks ctrl - scale for the s-curve of brows
For new work:
- in BlenRig armature layers select all layers
- in Dope Sheet editor change mode to Action Editor
- press cross to disable current action
- select all bones (hotkey-A)
- in pose library accept t-pose