Lowpoly T-Rex with basic armature

by fathom45 in Models

Lowpoly T-Rex with basic armature

This blend contains a lowpoly model of a T-Rex, the armature already rigged, shaders, textures, normal map and bump map. There are no constraints on the armature, but if you know how to do it, you can add them. The bones are in pose at the beginning, you can easily cancel it by selecting the armature then go to pose mode and press "Alt+G" and "Alt+R".

How to use the T-Rex

  1. Open the zip
  2. Export the files to your chosen location (ex: C:\Users\User\Documents)
  3. Open blender
  4. Open the "Tyrannosaure.blend" file you just exported
  5. Have fun
You can also append the T-Rex object in a new blend: Once you have unzip the files,
  1. Open a new blender scene
  2. Go to files>Append
  3. Choose the destination folder of your exported files
  4. Go into the blend>Object>T-Rex then press enter

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