Low Poly Vintage Mortuary Items

by Nevermore Graphics in Models

  • PBR textures, including: Diffuse, metal, roughness, normals, transparency and a matte, to add blood to the bucket, with principled shader nodes.
  • Bloody and bloodless textures for the embalming table and the bucket.
  • To add the bloody textures on the embalming table, just replace the textures with the ones with the suffix "Blood" in the filename
  • To add the blood to the bucket, simply plug the second principled shader to the mix-shader node and that one to the Material Output, you can control the shading and tone of the blood with a (not included) RGB curves node.
  • It's ready for Eevee and Cycles.
  • The drawers are separate objects, but they are part of the same model.
  • You can hide or delete the bucket.