Low Poly Vintage Cremation Furnace With PBR Materials

by Nevermore Graphics in Models

Low poly Vintage cremation furnace, made in Blender for the Cycles renderer with BSDF materials, ideal for games. Comes with Diffuse, Metal, Roughness, Emission, Displacement and Normal maps and has see-through windows and a low poly and high poly normal map versions are included. It's not 100% time period accurate, but close enough to look real.

  • PBR material, with diffuse, metal, roughness, normal, emission and displacement maps in 4096px.
  • 11 textures in total
  • Normal map comes in 2 versions, for a high poly version and for a low poly version of the model, if you have subdivided it. The hi-poly normal map only contains bump information.
  • Low-Poly but it's subdivisible and has creased edges to keep the shape when subdividing.
  • Might require some modifications in the node tree to make it work in-game depending on the type of node setup you are going to use in your engine.
  • There's an emission shader mixed through a Mix-Shader node.
  • The window to the furnace has a transmission shader for the blurry glass effect instead of a transparency shader, which would just be semi-transparent.
  • The diffuse texture has an alpha channel, which is used as a transparency map, you can use a mix-shader node to combine it with a Transparent BSDF node for a lower quality result that would be easier on the rendering.

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