Low Poly Game Ready Car Tyre Pack 1

by JCGStudios in Models

A set of 5 low-ish poly car tyres. Each tyre has a different tread. Each tyre has custom baked textures, however the unbaked material is available for each tyre. These models are suitable as tyres on Player vehicles in games. Includes formats are .blend, .fbx, .obj, .stl and UnityAsset. Baked resolution is 4096x4096.

Tyre 1: 42,088V 37,696P

Tyre 2: 37,308V 33,016P

Tyre 3: 64,264V 57,334P

Tyre 4: 35,188V 31,506P

Tyre 5: 35,440V 30,876P

Hope you enjoy :) My inbox is alway open if you have any issues with the product. James