Low Poly Fracture Animations

by RareGardener in Models

Modular Set of simple walls and groundbreaking in low poly style. Optimized for use in games and real-time rendering. 

Compatible with Blender 2.79 or higher.

Scenes for each model with set animations and prepared for Cycles & Blender render engine.

All scenes are ready to use, materials already set up in Blender. 

Customizable color through different materials for inner and outer faces.

Growing collection, free updates

Extract the "Low Poly Fracture Animations.zip" to the file location you want.

Each model is placed individually on its own blend file with its set animation.

To Append the objects into another Blender Scene go to File>Append and navigate to the objects folder within the blend file. Select all (pressing the A key) and click Append.

Each wall and ground and its animated fragments are linked to a empty object called as the animation itself. Select this object to rotate, scale, or position as desired. 

The  colors are customizable through different materials for inner and outer faces. To change the appearance simply edit the base diffuse or glossy.

If you have any questions or issue, feel free to contact me through my email: [email protected]

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