Loop To Curve

by Bookyakuno in Scripts and Addons

Create a curve from an Edge loop

Generates a curve shape along the topology from the edges of the mesh.
It assists in the production method of creating complex curves from polygons that are easy to control.


By default, the selected edge is automatically expanded to curve the loop edge and multi-loop edge without selecting the edge loop in advance.

You can use subdivisions to increase edges, adjust curve resolution, and more.

  • Duplicate
    • Duplicate and then perform curving
    • Useful when you want to keep the original object
  • Smooth shading
  • Use loop
  • Use multi-loop
  • Split the loop
    • Use subdivision modifiers in advance to increase loops
  • Decimate
    • You can reduce the points gained with the subdivision modifier
    • There is a problem that the bulge of the shape weakens
  • Bevel depth
  • Bevel resolution
  • Resolution U
  • Decimate in advance
    • You can create a curve with a random flow
    • Works when the value is lower than 1


  • 3D View > Sidebar (N) > Loop to Curve
  • 3D View > Mesh Edit Mode > Header > Edge > Loop to Curve