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# Blender Logline Generator - Documentation

## Introduction

The Blender Logline Generator is a handy addon designed to simplify the story development process for 3D projects in Blender. This tool generates random loglines and provides a structured approach to developing stories within the Blender environment.

## Installation

Follow these simple steps to install the addon:

1. Download the ZIP file of the Blender Logline Generator.

2. Open Blender and go to `Edit > Preferences > Add-ons`.

3. Click on "Install..." and select the downloaded ZIP file.

4. Activate the addon by checking the box next to "Logline Generator."

## Usage

1. Open Blender and go to the 3D viewport.

2. Navigate to the "Tools" tab in the sidebar.

3. Find and click on "Logline Generator."

4. Click on "Generate Logline" to generate a random logline.

5. Fill in the text boxes for specific details for each aspect of the story.

6. Use the generated logline as inspiration for your 3D project.

## Features

- **Generate Logline:** Click this button to generate a random logline.

- **Step 1 to 4:** Fill in these text boxes with details for each step in the story development process.

## Customizations

The addon is designed for an intuitive and streamlined experience. Customize the generated loglines and use them as a basis for your unique story.

## Troubleshooting

- **Addon is not appearing:** Check if the addon is activated in the Blender settings.

- **Other issues:** Consult the Blender Logline Generator community for help and support.

## Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

### Q: Can I save the generated loglines?

A: Yes, you can manually copy and paste the generated loglines into a text file or elsewhere to save them.

## Conclusion

The Blender Logline Generator is a valuable addition for anyone seeking creative inspiration and structure in the development process of 3D stories within Blender. Experiment, discover, and enrich your projects with engaging storylines!

Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License GPL
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