Lite Water + Fake Caustics - Shader And Material Breakdown

by Oby's little Blender Shop <3 in Materials, Shaders, Textures

This is the shader from a tutorial I made previously:

What's so special about this shader?
- it doesn't make use of "real caustics" - instead it uses normal data from the object to make a cheaty yet effective way of faking caustics.
- It has volume, for proper object submersion and fading
-it's much more customizable compared to doing real caustics

---What's different in this one compared to the tutorial?
1. It has procedural foam.
2. There is a material breakdown.blend included if you want a more in-depth/explanation on how it works

3. It's pre-made ;)

---What if I just want the duck?
fair point. - It's free on blendswap: 

Please note:

-this makes use of Volume rendering, a GPU is recommended (gtx 1660 should do fine)

-It's a stylized approach, it is not Physical or Realistic in any sense.

-It's pseudo procedural, the caustics only appear when there is geometry on the water surface to work with.   **Update V3 Fixes this issue with a Procedural Noise approach. (you have the option with how much Noise is in use vs geo)

Cheerio! ^-^