Lion Gryphus_A3

by Animated3D in Models

Product Description:

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  • Product Compatible with : 3Dsmax, Maya, Blender, Iclone 8 and CC4, Unity, UE5, Nvidia Omniverse, Marmoset Toolbag …vv

  • Format file:

·         Blend-Blender 3.6- One Blender All motion

·         FBX Blender- One Fbx All motion

·         FBX Unity- One Fbx All motion

·         FBX UE5- One Fbx All motion

·         FBX 3DSmax-Mesh and Motion (One motion per file)

·         FBX Maya-Mesh and Motion (One motion per file)

·         iAvatar- Iclone8_CC4 and rlmotion

  • Frame Rate: 60 Fps

  • Vertices: 58.266 -  Faces: 55.296

  • Textures: PBR_Yes

  • DiffuseMap PNG 2048 X 2048

  • NormalMap PNG 2048 X 2048

  • OpacityMap PNG 2048 x 2048

  • AoMap  PNG 2048 x 2048

  • DisplacementMap PNG 2048 x 2048

  • Motions: 64_Atk1, Atk2, Atk3, Atk4, Atk5, Atk6, Atk7, Atk8, Atk9, Atk10, Atk11, Atk12, Atk13, Atk14, Atk15, Back, Death1, Death2, Down, Down2, Fly Roar, Fly1, Fly2, Fly3, Fly4, Fly5, Fly6, Fly Start, Got Slapped, Got Slapped2, Idle, Idle2, Idle3, Jump Rotating, Jump Rotating2, Jump, Jump2, Jump3, Jump4, Jump Fly, Landing, Landing2, Pause, Pause2, Roar Stand, Roar, Roar2, Roar3, Roar4, Rotating, Rotating2, Rotating3, Scratches, Shock, Sit Roar, Sit, Sleep, Standup, Start Run, Tired Breathing, Tired, Tremble, Walk, Walk2

  • Rigging: Yes

  • Plugins (Addon): No

  • Customize products as required: No

·         Lion Gryphus Model Motions A1,2,3 Use the same video describing Typical Motions. They only differ in Color and Material.

·         FBX Export is specific to Blender, 3Dsmax, Maya, UE5, Unity error may occur if using other platform to import, please contact for support.

·         Materials are maximally simplified, usually using only 1-3 PBR materials so you can use them for most 3D Software that supports motion today.

  • Need technical support, please contact:

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Published 6 months ago
Blender Version 3.6, 4.0
Render Engine Used Eevee
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Rigged, Animated, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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