Line Connection

by liuran in Addons

Create line connection animations in a fast way!



1. Create connections sequentially according to the order of selected points, 
2. Create lines emanating from one point to the others.
3. Freely adjust the thickness and curvature of the line.
4. Define whether it is a solid or a dash line.
5. control the dash line's speed and density.
6. adjust the size of these ripples, the vertices of the ripples, the width of each circle, and  by adjusting its parameters you can get multi styles of ripple animation.
7. Customize the color of the lines and ripples. They can be adjusted uniformly or individually.
8. Each line has a number,you can adjust its animation by their start and end keyframes.

Tutorial 01:3D Terrain map connection

Tutorial 02:Earth connection

Tutorial 03:Hi-Tech world map connection

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