Lightning Generator Animationnodes

by Blenderthings in Models

As Animationnodes is somewhat hard to understand for, and explain to, new users i would advise not to buy if you feel that this topic (Animationnodes) is over your head. I will likely not be able to help you if you encounter problems as there may be loads of rootcauses for your individual problem.

Please make sure, that you update vc_redist.x64.exe on your windows-machine to make Animationnodes work properly

When importing the tree into a new scene you have to press T in the animationnodes-node-editor to open the side panel. in there you have to select the scene the lightning-tree will work upon.


There is a masternode where all the different parameters feed into.

Iteration: how many ligthning Bolts

Lightning Length: How many points the Main Lightning will have

Sec Amount: how many Lightning Bolts will offspring from the main

Sec Length Min: How many points the Sec Lightning will have minimum

Sec Length Max: How many points the Sec Lightning will have maximum

Add Random: Add Random

Wiggle Speed: The points of all ligthning Parts will wiggle based on this

Wiggle Amount: The points of all ligthning Parts will wiggle in there Range based  on this

Arch Min: Change overall Ligthning lenght

Arch Max: Change overall Ligthning lenght

Curl Primary: How much the primary Bolt will curl (combined with "Iteration" set to 2 or more there migth be nice effects)

Curl Secondary: How much the secondary Bolts will curl

Duration Fade: Fading out of the main Bolt

Scale: It is in there because it is in there - using it might give different results

Thick Main: Thickness of main bolt

Thick Sec: Thickness of secondary bolts